UM-MSU: Football’s Sibling Rivalry

Detroit Today producers Laura Weber Davis and Art Regner clash over Saturday’s Michigan, Michigan State football game.

Host Stephen Henderson discusses the Michigan, Michigan State football rivalry with Detroit Today producers Laura Weber-Davis and Art Regner. Laura is a Michigan State graduate and Art graduated from University of Michigan.

Sibling Rivalry: Laura theorizes the football rivalry between the schools is intense, yet not ugly, because most every fan of one of the teams has friends and/or family who attended the other school.

Marching Bands: Stephen played tuba in the Michigan Marching Band when he attended the school in the 1990s. He says the UM band was better and more regimented in previous years, which opened the door for a stronger marching band out of East Lansing in recent years.

Prospects: The teams appear evenly matched this year, with high expectations for the rest of the season.