‘Once in a Great City’ Author on Detroit’s Decline and Revitalization

Author David Maraniss speaks about his book “Once in A Great City” and the Detroit Homecoming

Stephen talks with author David Maraniss about his book, “Once in a Great City,” and the Detroit Homecoming.


Chrysler Ad: Maraniss says he was inspired to write about 1963 Detroit from watching the infamous Chrysler ad featuring Eminem.“By the end of it, I was choked up,” Maraniss says, “It made me start to think about why it hit me that way.”


Downfall: The structural problems that would cause Detroit’s downfall were predicted well in advance. “In 1963, sociologists predicted exactly what would happen, that the city would lose a half-million people per decade from that point on.”


Gentrification: Maraniss believes that the problem we should all pay attention to now is including all of Detroit in its recovery. “There’s tensions that come up from the gentrification process, and you have to be very sensitive to those, in terms of not making people feel like they’re not a part of this.” says Maraniss.


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