UM Study Receives $10 Million to Understand Interplay Between Environment and Childhood Health

U of M researchers looking to find what effects environment can have on obesity, asthma and allergies in children.


The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences is awarding University of Michigan researchers $10 million to examine the connection between environment and health in children. U of M investigators are following up on a 14-year-old study which tracked subjects from the womb to 21 years of age. Project Director John Meeker says, instead of using the funding to execute one study, the team will collect data from work around the nation.

“We’ll be pooling projects that might be designed somewhat differently, but all with child health at its center. There’s many studies that study child health in relation to all kinds of things with no attention to environmental conditions or exposures, so that’s where we come in, and we collaborate with them to measure those things.”

-Prof. John Meeker, University of Michigan

Meeker says the project is looking to understand what environmental conditions or exposures may lead to asthma, allergies or developmental disorders. He says the funding runs through 2019.