Snyder: ‘Things that Were Not Fully Understood’ on Flint Water Crisis

The extent of lead levels in Flint’s water was not understood, according to Snyder.

Governor Rick Snyder acknowledges the decision to switch the city of Flint’s water system was not vetted the way it should have been. The city faces a crisis now that the water going to homes is contaminated by lead.

“In terms of a mistake, I would say is there are probably things that were not as fully understood as when that switch was made,” he said.

What was not “fully understood” is how corrosive the Flint River’s water is and that the switch would result in elevated lead levels.

This is the first time the governor has said the decision to switch the city from the Detroit water system and draw water, instead, from the Flint River was not well planned.

The governor’s office also participated in a plan to distribute water filters in the city while insisting the water was safe to drink.

The governor says steps will be announced later this week to try to rectify the situation.