Statue of Dearborn Mayor Orville Hubbard Comes Down

What does the removal of Mayor Hubbard’s statue mean for his legacy?

Stephen talks with Bridge columnist Bill McGraw on the Statue of Orville Hubbard that was removed September 29th.


Plaques: The statue may be gone, but the plaques placed near the statue honoring him remain. McGraw says, “I think people would have been less concerned about the statue if the plaques around it had a bit of a fairer message.”


Legacy: Hubbard’s tenure and legacy as mayor should serve as an example of past racism that should be shunned and changed at all cost. “Orville Hubbard should not be forgotten,” McGraw says.


Statue: Hubbard’s attitude towards race are relics, and the statue should be treated as such. Because of this, the statue was removed and placed in storage at the Dearborn Historical Museum until a better way to display the statue is found.

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