How Legal Are Detroit’s Marijuana Dispensaries?

Are the marijuana dispensaries in Detroit operating on the right side of the law?

Stephen talks with Detroit Councilman James Tate and Cannabis Council attorney Matthew Abel about the legality of marijuana dispensaries found around the city of Detroit.


Ambiguity: Dispensaries in Detroit, while legal, operate in a legal gray area. “The great majority of [dispensaries] are operating outside the scope of the Michigan Medicinal Marijuana act,” Tate says.


Marijuana Act: The dispensary debate could have been avoided entirely if the medical marijuana act was written better, says Abel. “The law was written generally enough that dispensaries could have been legal,” he says.


Jobs: Dispensaries can benefit the community greatly, when working within the legal limits, says Abel. “Structured properly, [dispensaries] can provide employment…they can bring construction jobs,” he says.

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