Doctor Ben Carson Visits Michigan

The Republican presidential contender Ben Carson visited Michigan colleges this week.

Doctor Ben Carson took his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination to Michigan, with stops in Jackson yesterday and Spring Arbor University.

Carson, who’s faced criticism for saying he would not support putting a devout Muslim in the White House, blamed “political correctness” for the blowback.

“You know, I’m not politically correct at all. I hate political correctness,” he said to the cheers of an audience at Spring Arbor College. “Political correctness is imposed by secular progressives and those who want to fundamentally change our society, and they don’t want any discussion about it, therefore, they make things off limits to talk about. But you know what? I’m going to talk about it. I don’t care what they say.”

Carson also took aim at what he says is profligate government spending, and regulations that are holding back economic progress.

He told an audience at the Christian college the US is a “Judeo-Christian nation,” and immigrants should not be allowed to change the character of the country.

Monika Wynne is a Spring Arbor student from Holland. Wynne says she skipped class to hear Carson.

“I’ve read about his views on abortion. I’m also against that. I’ve read about what he thinks about Obamacare, and I also like what his views are on that. As of right now, I just like a lot of his viewpoints.

Carson is in the top tier of many national polls at the moment.