Detroit Public Television Gets Grant for Early Childhood Programming

Detroit Public Television is receiving a grant to expand early childhood programming.

Detroit Public Television is expanding its early childhood programming. DPTV was one of 11 PBS stations across the country to receive a special Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant.

Georgeann Herbert is the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Community Engagement at DPTV. She says the “Ready to Learn” grant focuses on helping at-risk communities.

“Parenting is the toughest job we all have. But none of us gets advanced degrees in parenting,” Herbert says. “So I think anything that can help parents get through the really difficult things that come up when you’re a parent, if we can help that conversation and we can help kids succeed, then I think we would have done our job.”

Herbert says the funds will help the station expand programs that promote learning through media and technology. She says DPTV expects to receive around $100,000 from the grant.