News Review: Courser and Gamrat Ousted and 14th Anniversary of 9/11

Rep. Courser resigns, Rep. Gamrat expelled, and remembering September 11th 14 years later

Representative Courser resigns and the House expels Representative Gamrat.  Reporter M.L. Elrick and WDET Producer Laura Weber Davis join Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to discuss the Representatives departures and the 14th anniversary of 9/11.

  • “The quality of the Michigan legislature is at an all time low”: According to Elrick, ousting Courser and Gamrat did not “clean up” the House.  The legislature must finally address the political issues that were disregarded during the scandal.
  • Fourteen years later, what has changed?: Immediately after the tragedy of 9/11 the nation seemed united in patriotism, regardless of political party.  Fourteen years have passed and U.S. foreign policy is extremely different. America is paranoid and as Elrick states, “slightly xenophobic and meddlesome.” 

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