Flint Mayor Candidate Calls for Federal Investigation on City Water

Flint Mayoral Candidate Karen Weaver is requesting a federal investigation of Flint’s drinking water.

Flint Mayoral Candidate Karen Weaver is calling for a federal investigation of the city’s drinking water. Weaver mailed a letter to state leaders and President Obama mentioning a report that found high levels of lead and copper in services lines to resident homes.

Weaver says she would like to see the city’s water rates fall and for Flint to switch back to Detroit’s water service.

“We have been speaking up and speaking out, but it seems our crisis has been falling on deaf ears and so that’s why I reached out,” Weaver says. “We need and we deserve clean and affordable water here in the city of Flint. And it’s been a huge issue ever since we left Detroit water.”

Flint has received complaints about water quality since it began getting its drinking water from the city’s river in April 2014.  

Mayor Dayne Walling says a water optimization plan to help reduce corrosive effects of water in home service lines will begin next year. But Candidate Karen Weaver says something needs to be done now.