Live6 Alliance Works to Revitalize More of Detroit

The Kresge Foundation partners with University of Detroit Mercy to revitalize Livernois and 6 Mile region of Detroit

President of University of Detroit Mercy Dr. Antoine Garibaldi and President and CEO of the Kresge Foundation Rip Rapson join Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to discuss Live6 Alliance that’s working to revitalize the Northwest corridor of Detroit.

  • Live6 Corridor: The Northwest area of Detroit near 6 Mile and Livernois is the newest revitalization focus according to Garibaldi and Rapson. Live6 Alliance aims to work with anchoring institutions and community residents to create greater opportunity and prosperity.
  • Balance of old and new: Community members express concerns of the new squeezing out the old.  Garibaldi and Rapson stress the necessity to strike a balance between existing residents and business owners’ needs and progress in order to promote an inclusive and equitable recovery.
  • Grassroots alliance: Live6 Alliance strives to represent the passions, needs, and experiences of the community through creation of neighborhood advisory councils and other resources according to Garidbaldi and Rapson.

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