We Look Back at Detroit’s Alternative Paper ‘The Fifth Estate’, Founded 50 years Ago

50 years ago a small group of journalists launched an alternative paper called The Fifth Estate

This week marks the 50th Anniversary of Fifth Estate newspaper in Detroit. Two of the founding members; Peter Werbe and Frank Joyce, speak with Stephen about the history of the paper and where it is today. 

This is taken from Wikipedia:

Fifth Estate was founded in 1965, but with staff members across North America connecting via the Internet. Its editorial collective sometimes has divergent views on the topics the magazine addresses. Generally they share an anarchist, anti-authoritarian outlook and a non-dogmatic, action-oriented approach to change.

The title implies that the periodical is an alternative to the fourth estate (traditional print journalism). Fifth Estate is frequently cited as the longest running English language anarchist publication in North America, although this is sometimes disputed since it became only explicitly anti-authoritarian in 1975 after ten years of publishing as part of the 1960s Underground Press movement. The archives for the Fifth Estate are held at the Labadie Collection in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

To hear Werbe and Joyce reflect on the impact of Fifth Estate, please click the audio link above: