What West Bloomfield Schools Are Facing

Superintendent Gerald Hill on what this school year will look like for West Bloomfield schools.

Superintendent of the West Bloomfield School District, Gerald Hill, discusses enrollment, Common Core, and what students and parents can look forward to this year with Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today.

Enrollment decline: Superintendent Hill admits that the West Bloomfield school district is suffering from enrollment decline but says that this is a problem that’s affecting school districts all over the state. He says that in order to combat enrollment decline the district is creating programs to attract more families to West Bloomfield schools.

Allocation of resources: Hill believes that money and resources should be put into students, but believes that money which goes towards pensions detracts from this need. He believes this is one of the things Governor Snyder is getting wrong, but he does commend the state for conducting an educational adequacy study which examines what it takes for a student to receive an adequate education.

Common Core: The biggest issue so far with Common Core is the time put into assessments and the length of the actual tests, but Hill says these concerns are being addressed by State Superintendent, Brian J Whiston. Outside of that, he believes Common Core doesn’t make parents unhappy and encourages creativity and thoughtfulness both on the part of students and teachers..