Republican Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Discusses Taxes, Jobs in Detroit

US Senator Marco Rubio spoke in Detroit today about how he would change the economy, if elected president.

Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio announced his tax platform in Detroit today. Rubio used Detroit and Michigan as examples in his speech of how entrepreneurial-based policies can help the United States move the economy forward. Rubio says bureaucracy in Washington D.C. is inhibiting business growth and innovation.

“Henry Ford once said, ‘If I had asked people what they wanted, they would’ve said, faster horses.’ Faster horses is exactly the mindset in Washington today. Our government is led by people who would rather tweak the current system and the current status quo than revolutionize how we do things.”

-Marco Rubio, US Senator

Rubio has served as a U- Senator for Florida since 2011. He continues his campaign trail in Ohio this weekend.