Snyder Praises Wayne County’s Choice to Enter into Consent Agreement

Wayne County’s move toward consent agreement is applauded by Governor Snyder.

By Jake Neher

Gov. Rick Snyder is applauding Michigan’s largest county for moving toward a consent agreement with the state.

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans has called for a consent agreement to deal with the city’s troubled finances. The county commission approved that option after a state review team last month found a financial emergency exists, and Snyder confirmed that finding.

Snyder says a consent agreement was a good choice.

“I want to actually compliment Warren Evans, his team, and the county commission for working together on trying and solve their issues. And I think, potentially, they’re on a path with a consent agreement to make a lot of progress,” Snyder told reporters at an event in Detroit on Monday.

“They already have made progress, but this could allow them to make even more.”

A consent agreement allows the state to prescribe conditions and actions to deal with financial problems. But it allows local officials to remain in power. That would not be the case if the county chose an emergency manager.The commission could have also chosen neutral evaluation or bankruptcy.The county and the state have until early next month to negotiate the terms of an agreement.