Washtenaw Delays Bringing Road Millage to Voters

The Washtenaw County Commission voted to delay putting a 10-year road millage on the March 2016 ballot.

Wikimedia Commons

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners is delaying a millage vote dedicated to road repairs that would have appeared on the March 2016 ballot.

Commissioner Dan Smith motioned to postpone the millage vote indefinitely after it was rejected.

Commissioner Ruth Ann Jamnick voted against the proposal. She says fixing the roads is the state’s responsibility.

“I think the state has to step up and take some responsibility,” Jamnick says. “I served on the House of Representatives from 1999-2004 and we talked about it then and nobody wanted to move to do anything. So I really think it’s a challenge for the state to take care of.”

Smith says the next step is to ask the board to levy a one-year tax increase without a public vote.