Debbie Stabenow on the Right Way to Balance the Budget

Debbie Stabenow talks about global warming, taxes, urban blight, and health care.

Stephen Henderson talks with Debbie Stabenow, senior United States Senator for Michigan (D), about global warming, taxes, and blight money.

  • Storms: Stephen jokes about storms in Michigan lately, and asks Stabenow about the higher frequency and intensity of storms.  She says that climate change causes more intense weather.  She says it is not a political issue, it is about science and preserving the earth for future generations. 
  • Highways and blight: Stabenow opposed senate Republicans who wanted to take money from the hardest hit funds, which are allocated for urban revitalization, to fund road improvements.  She says she indicated that she would hold the bill up by objecting to every measure that would move it forward, and was able to work out an agreement with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.
  • Tax reforms: Stabenow says that she is a part of a bi-partisan coalition working to improve international taxes.  She says there are opportunities to reform international taxes so that there is less incentive to move work overseas, and that we could make money by taxing oil exports. 
  • Job Creation: Stabenow says that she and Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) want to create jobs with a round of funding for small businesses and economic development.
  • Planned parenthood: Stephen asks about the recent Planned Parenthood scandal, and how Stabenow feels about Planned Parenthood.  She says that basic healthcare for women should not be on the chopping block when we look for ways to improve government budgets.

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