Oakland County Sheriff Offers School Bus Incident Training

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department offered a “School Bus Critical Incident Awareness” seminar.


The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department is hosting a training session to teach school officials how to handle dangerous incidents on school buses. The agency partnered with Oakland Schools to provide the “School Bus Critical Incident Awareness” seminar to transportation supervisors, office staff, and bus trainers in the county.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard says buses traveling to and from schools are possible targets for an attack.

Sadly in today’s world, it’s called a soft target meaning it’s not terribly difficult for to see or to try to commit a violent act against, and again it’s sad that’s the kind of world we live in but we have to constantly look for those kinds of potential attractive targets to terrorists or other folks.

– Michael Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff

Bouchard says it should not be the job of bus drivers to worry about security incidents, but they should always be prepared.