Will Soccer Take Off in America?

After the US Women’s World Cup win, what is the future of soccer in the US and Detroit?

Stephen Henderson talks with Jeff Seidel, Sports Columnist for the Detroit Free Press, about how the US Women’s National Soccer Team’s World Cup victory will affect soccer in the US, and whether he thinks Detroit will ever have a Major League Soccer team. 

  • Stunning victory:  Stephen and Seidel say they were surprised at how quickly and decisively USWNT won in last night’s game.  Stephen says that this is a huge deal, and wonders if soccer will take off in the US. 
  • US Popularity:  Seidel says that soccer is already popular with many people in the US, and that many people follow the sport because they have played it in the past or as kids. 
  • Grassroots fans:  Seidel believes that he can feel a swelling of enthusiasm for soccer in Detroit.   He says it is a genuine growing interest, not fake or built off of one game. 
  • First steps:  Stephen asks if Detroit could be on its way to having a Major League Soccer team.  Seidel says that there are many steps in the way before that could occur, because it currently has a tier four team and no large, dedicated soccer stadium. 

Click the audio link above to hear the full conversation.