DNR: Prevent Fires, Be Safe with Fireworks

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is asking residents to be careful when using fireworks.

MIchigan Department of Natural Resources

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is urging campers to be cautious when using fireworks during the Fourth of July weekend. The National Fire Protection Agency estimates an average of 19,500 fires are caused each year by fireworks.

Fire prevention specialist Dan Laux says campers should avoid using fireworks around dry grass and leaves.

“Make sure you have a bucket of water handy so you can douse the fireworks after they are spent,” Lox says. “Put them in the bucket to make sure they are cooled down. Do that before you throw them in the trash. A lot of times you can get a trash fire as a result of a hot firework.”

Laux says campers should make sure to take the same precautions when lighting a fire. He says the safest way to enjoy fireworks this year is to leave the explosions to the professionals.