Wayne State Transitions to Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus

If you want to smoke, you will have to leave Wayne State University’s campus first.

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Wayne State University will remove all ashtrays and smoking zones as part of its transition to a smoke-free campus.

Any tobacco product that is inhaled, burned, vaped, or even carried will be prohibited on campus.

Brett Green is the Senior Director of Total Compensation and Wellness at the university. He says the goal is to let social norming help enforce the policy.

“Really it’s similar to what we’ve seen with seat belt usage,” Green says. “It’s that people now just generally use their seatbelts and we expect that over time the campus community will realize that it’s a smoke-free campus and we won’t have that issue.”

Green says there will still be various levels of enforcement by the campus police, including ticketing to keep the university smoke-free.

He says police involvement is a final step in enforcement. Green says the university trusts its students and faculty members to spread awareness of the smoke-free policy.