Michigan Running a $3.6 Million Grant Program to Fight Invasive Species

Organizations working to mitigate invasive species in Michigan can apply for grants between $25,000 and $400,000.

The second annual Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program is looking to award almost four million dollars to fight non-native plants and fungi across the state. In its last round, the initiative funded work to counter the spread of oak wilt and Eurasian water milfoil. Grant program spokesperson Joanne Foreman says the money helps increase the state’s ability to handle invasive species.

“Trying to do deal with what—or how we can treat established species to keep them from getting any worse than they are and maybe even getting rid of them, but we’re also concerned about those species that may be coming in in small pockets and suddenly bursting out and harming either our waters, our woods or our open spaces.”

-Joanne Foreman

Foreman says the program will award grants between $25,000 and $400,000. She says organizations have until July 31st to apply. 

Find out more about the grant here.