Oakland County: Land of Rich and Poor [Map]

Income levels are diverse in Oakland County. This map shows which areas are richest and poorest.

Oakland County may be known as Detroit’s wealthiest suburb, but income levels are diverse.

Belts of wealth spread across the tonier suburbs like Birmingham, Bloomfield and Oakland Township. But pockets of concentrated poverty also exist in urban areas like Pontiac, Waterford and parts of the highly developed southeast. Areas of rural poverty can also be found in some of the far-flung townships.

This map contains layers for percentage of households living below 100 percent of the federal poverty line, median income, and percentage of households with an income exceeding $200,000. All data are mapped by census tract. You can toggle the layers on and off to contrast and compare and zoom in get a close-up look of Oakland County’s wealth and poverty distribution.

Data source: American Community Survey 2009-2013 (provided with the assistance of Data Driven Detroit). Data are mapped by census tract.