Fixing Gun Violence in Detroit’s Most Dangerous Zip Code

How the federal government plans to step in with “Project 48205”

Stephen talks with United States Attorney Barbara McQaude and John Broad, President of Crime Stoppers of Michigan.  They discuss Operation 48205, which will tackle gun violence in Detroit by increasing charges against repeat violent gun offenders.

  • Federal involvement. McQuade says that because federal courts can issue longer sentences than Michigan courts, some cases will go through federal courts to crack down on violent repeat offenders.  She says she communicates with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office to decide which cases should go to the federal system. 
  • Mandatory minimum sentencing.  Some callers express concern over the effect of federal mandatory minimum sentencing.  McQuade says this plan will implement mandatory minimum sentencing strategically and judiciously, and that low-level drug offenders will not be charged with crimes that have federal mandatory minimum sentencing.
  • Smart on crime.  McQuade says that this plan will allow the justice system to save resources and prosecute the worst offenders, without wasting limited resources on people and crimes that are not significant parts of the larger problem. 
  • Effects of crime and violence.  Broad emphasizes that gun violence has hurt local communities, and that he knows the damage guns have done to young people.  He supports federal involvement and says he is fully dedicated to stopping “the massacre of our children”.  

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