Widow of Former Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins Announcing Bid for the Job

Sandy Collins has announced her mayoral candidacy to finish the work her husband began in the role.

The widow of the former Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins says she will run for the job. Sandy Collins says she wants to finish the work begun by her husband who died in February after suffering a heart attack during a snowstorm.

“He had started, number one being fix the streets and the potholes and the financial responsibility of that. He set forth 32 items, and in his 14 months in office he had already completed 21—or had substantial progress—on 21 of them. He hit the ground running, and he said, ‘I will not manage a city in decline.’”

-Sandy Collins

Current Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson is also running for the top job at Toledo City Hall. A special election will be held in November.