Millennial Movement: Where the Younger Generation is Putting Down Roots

What makes cities such as Ann Arbor attractive to the younger generation?

Host Stephen Henderson talks to Director of Research and Education at the American Institute of Economic Research Rosalind Greenstein about Millennials and the cities they choose to call home. A recent study by Greenstein’s group ranked cities based on Millennial migration and placed Ann Arbor in the top spot. What is it about cities like Ann Arbor that attract the younger population and why did Detroit rank so low? Find out by clicking on the link above to hear the full conversation and read a bit about it below:

  • Economically Viable Cities: Greenstein says in her experience she notices that people are likely to seek out employment and a stable income stream before considering other elements of a city’s location. She notes, especially in millennials, the younger generation is more willing to endure short-term discomfort in exchange for longer-term benefits.
  • A Nuanced Portrait of Southeast Michigan: One graduate student at the University Of Michigan Ann Arbor called saying he actually chose to live in Detroit, not in Ann Arbor. He says Ann Arbor is a great place for plugging into what’s new and hip, but the history and culture of Detroit make it better for people want to create new things while staying enriched in their community.
  • The Importance of Anchor Institutions: Stephen and Greenstein also discuss what it is that makes college towns “recession proof”. Greenstein explains that having large anchor institutions like universities help to stabilize the local economy of the city and promotes economic activity due to the constant influx of students and professionals.

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