The Armenian Heritage and the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide

Explore Armenian culture and heritage on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.


Host Stephen Henderson is joined by University of Michigan-Dearborn Lecturer Ani Kasparian and Principal of Manoogian High School Dr. Hosep Torossian to look at Armenian culture and heritage during the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Here’s some key points about their conversation:

  • Visiting Turkey: Ani Kasparian discusses her trip to Istanbul and the first time that the Turkish people made an official acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide. Turkish human rights groups brought her and other Armenian diaspora members to Istanbul to commemorate the genocide’s centennial. 
  • Turkish Citizens and Armenians Coming Together: Kasparian and Dr. Torossian note that the Turkish people–not the government–are initiating these movements and they’re exercising their right to freedom in the process. They discuss how the Turkish government has modified its own nation’s history and the efforts of people both of Armenian and Turkish heritage to bring the real story forward.
  • Armenian Culture and Heritage in Metro Detroit Kasparian says there has been a concerted effort to to keep the Armenian culture alive and retain Armenian language and culture in the Detroit area, as part of a focused attempt to stop generational separation from an Armenian ethnic identity.  

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