Hop on the Bus, Gus—or Maybe Share the Ride to Work [Infographic]

SEMCOG challenges commuters who drive alone to try a new way to get to work.

There’s more than one way to get to work. Instead of driving by yourself, you could carpool, walk, bike, or ride the bus. The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments challenges you to try one or more of those methods this month. SEMCOG Executive Director Kathleen Lomako tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller that people who sign up for the challenge can track their progress on the Internet (click here for the web site).

This graphic breaks down commuting patterns in Metro Detroit:


Data Source: American Community Survey, 2013


  • Pat Batcheller
    Pat Batcheller is a host and Senior News Editor for 101.9 WDET, presenting local news, traffic and weather updates during Morning Edition. He is an amateur musician.