Detroit’s NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Dinner Honors Historic March on Selma

Reverend Wendell Anthony speaks about freedom, sacrifice, policy and altruism.

“We should not have to live below our privilege.” 

-Rev.Wendell Anthony

Courtesy of NAACP-Detroit

Stephen Henderson speaks with Reverend Wendell Anthony about the 60th annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner coming up on Sunday, May 3. Vice President Joe Biden will deliver the keynote address. They talk about the history of the African American struggle for freedom, and look at how policy and public reaction to injustice across the nation are changing with modern times.

Read about some of their conversation below and click the audio link above to hear the full story

  • On history and sacrifice: Wendell says, “We have to practice the values of freedom and justice, we have to practice voting, we have to practice civic engagement, we have to practice good education, housing, and jobs.” He relates the theme of this year’s dinner is about respecting sacrifices through practicing the freedoms the African American community has earned.
  • On nationwide policies affecting local communities: Stephen and Wendell discuss policy and what legislation has done to both harm and help the fight for freedom. “Policy is what you do in these communities in terms of education, in terms of jobs, in terms of economic access; those things need to be politically and policy instituted,” says Wendell.  
  • On policy vs. altruism: Wendell notes that there is a difference between policy and altruism and there is a need for both community involvement and political activity in crafting new policies. Especially when it comes to police, Wendell views policy as a way for community and law enforcement to adapt to new standards. He feels that police should be the first thing people look to for help, and no one should be afraid of police brutality.
  • On children and politics: Wendell also discusses reforming the Detroit Public Schools. He says children should not be caught up in the political squeeze. Wendell notes that the coalition and the mayor both have different goals and neither will get everything they want, but he is focused on making sure that the kids get exactly what they need.  

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Listen to the full conversation by clicking on the audio link above.