Michigan Legislators Expected to Vote on No-Fault Auto Insurance Reform

Both sides of the auto no-fault argument join Stephen to argue their case

In an attempt to lower Michigan’s extremely high auto insurance rates, the Michigan legislature is considering a bill that would reduce the cost of insurance by $100 per car for two years, but would also reduce coverage for those severely injured in a car accident.

Stephen discusses the pros and cons of the proposed change in the law with Erica Coulston, an accident survivor and Co-Founder of Walk The Line to Spinal Cord Injury Recovery, and Peter Kuhnmuench, Executive Director of the Insurance Institute of Michigan. Coulston asserts that the bill is written to deal with the problems of insurance companies, not consumers.  She thinks consumers should demand more savings than $100 a year per car and the legislature should examine the collision portion of the insurance equation. Kuhnmuench argues in five of the last ten years insurance companies have lost money on auto insurance.

Click here for information about how to contact your State Representative. if you want to voice your opinion about no-fault insurance.

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