Regional Transit Authority Considering a Universal Fare Card for Detroit and Ann Arbor Transit

Officials are working to make Southeast Michigan public transportation easier to use with a universal fare card.

Marissa Gawel/WDET

The Regional Transportation Authority of Southeast Michigan is working to unite public transit in Ann Arbor and Detroit by offering riders a single fare card. The Authority is studying what kind of funding and policy decisions are needed to introduce universal fare card technology to the region. CEO Michael Ford says it’s a lengthy process.

“There’s an analysis about how a fare card system could work, looking at the components of the all the carriers—SMART, DDOT, AATA, the People Mover—looking at the equipment that’s being used, how it could be integrated. There are several different steps right now.”

-Michael Ford

Ford says one of the biggest hurdles to the project is obtaining funding for the technology that would support the fare card. He says he expects to receive recommendations about how to move forward with the system within a few weeks.