“My Heart is an Idiot” Author Davy Rothbart Talks About Adventures, Love, and the Origins of Found Magazine

Rothbart will be a featured author on the Midwest Literary Walk in Chelsea this weekend

Found Magazine

Davy Rothbart is the creator of “Found Magazine, a collection of odds and ends that some people have discarded, and others have literally found. Scraps of paper. Drawings. Letters. Photos. The magazine is a collection of what we value, and what we don’t – and how careless we can sometimes be with things that other people might find quite precious.

Rothbart is also a frequent contributor to “This American Life. He’s also a documentary film maker. His most recent film, “Medora“, is about a resilient high school basketball team in a dwindling town in Indiana. It premiered at the South by South West Film Festival and was released in 2013.

He’s a featured author during this weekend’s Midwest Literary Walk in Chelsea this weekend. He’ll be reading from his collection of essays titled, “My Heart is an Idiot”

He speaks with “Detroit Today” host Stephen Henderson about his collection of essays, the origins of “Found Magazine”, and his recent documentary.