General Wesley Clark speaks with Saeed Khan

What’s happening with today’s world conflicts?

Saeed Khan speaks with General Wesley Clark about globalization, terrorism, and national security in the modern age. Clark will give a speech on Wayne State University’s campus about these topics this evening as a part of the its Spring speaker series. Read some of their conversation below and click the audio link to hear the full story.

  • Khan and Clark discuss China’s importance in the modern era. Clark believes their growth and structure are a result of siphoning American wealth but it will be necessary to continue interacting with them. However, He notes that their fear of democracy will also play a large role in international relations.
  • Clark discusses how the Chinese communist party still thinks of American democracy as an “agent of infection.” China views liberal democracy as its greatest threat due to its individualistic qualities and ideas of freedom and choice.
  • Clark indicates the struggle of Islam is rooted in the West’s intrusion into their society. He says that the countries that once dominated in the colonial era like Holland and Portugal have been eclipsed by modern superpowers and this trend continues to highlight the West’s involvement in international struggles.
  • Clark indicates that Eastern Europe also deserves more attention. He says the situation between Russia and Ukraine shouldn’t be ignored because Putin isn’t just showing off the country’s power. Clark says Putin has plans for growth and calls him a visionary.

Click the audio link above for the full conversation