Sports reporter Art Regner breaks down the Red Wings prospects in the playoffs.

The Red Wings are in the playoffs for the 24th consecutive season and face Tampa Bay in their first round series, which starts on Thursday. Co-host of Red Wings podcast “The Red and White Authority” Art Regner talks to Stephen about the Red Wings and what to expect during their playoff run.

While there were a lot of questions about this team coming in to the season, Regner says it seemed like the same Red Wings they have always been. He says this comes from the level-headed nature of the locker room and strong leadership. But he says there’s still a major issue with the position of goalie. 

“They’ve played 82 games and they still don’t have a definitive number one goalie,” says Regner.

Tampa Bay was the best team at home in the NHL this season and as hosts this series should probably be considered favorites. This does not mean the Red Wings are sunk according to Regner who says Tampa Bay is set up a lot like Detroit, and it should be competitive.

“I think [the Wings] have a chance. They really do,” says Regner.