UAW Membership Hits 400,000–the Highest it’s Been Since 2008

The UAW experienced a 3% growth last year.

Membership in the UAW is the highest it has been since 2008, according to the organization’s annual labor report. The union grew by three percent in the past year, reaching just over 400,000 members. Kristin Dziczek is the Director of the Labor and Industry Group for the Center for Automotive Research. She says the largest group within the union is still Michigan autoworkers, but the UAW has recently had success recruiting members from new organizations.

“They represent teaching assistants, graduate students, at a number of universities. They also have a very high profile campaign to organize some of the southern automotive plants that are not yet members of the UAW.”

-Kristin Dziczek

Dziczek says at the peak of the auto industry, the UAW had about 650,000 members. She says the union will be renegotiating contracts with Detroit automakers this year.