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Corporate underwriting and event underwriting are cost effective ways to reach the well-educated and influential men and women who tune to WDET each week.


Our listeners are decision-makers.

Our core audience is age 25-54, well-educated, and employed in management, business or professional occupations.

We reach 150,000 people every week

in southeast Michigan, northwest Ohio and southwest Ontario, in addition to reaching over 90,000 people every week on social media.

Supporting public radio enhances image, and projects quality, credibility and stability resulting in listeners being more inclined to do business with the corporate sponsor.

Our listeners
donate more than $1.2 million annually,

paying to listen when they can listen for free. That loyalty to WDET transfers to our corporate sponsors



Listeners are
88% more likely to buy products

from public radio sponsors than from companies that advertise on commercial radio (Edison Media Research 2012).

Sponsorship credits are presented in a clutter-free environment,

with no more than three minutes of sponsor messages per hour.



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