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Heard on Ann Delisi's Essential Music

Imagine Marcus Belgrave, Mike Banks and Matt Michaels Being Your Teachers. Pianist Jon Dixon Learned From the Best

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Image credit: Ed Serecky

Jon Dixon went from student to teacher to creating his own music label 4EVR 4WRD and did it all in Detroit

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Jon Dixon grew up in one of Detroit’s toughest neighborhoods and decided that music would be the focus of his life, and ultimately, his livelihood.

Jazz pianist, teacher and arranger, Matt Michaels, was his jazz piano teacher at Wayne State University and along with his Classical training, prepared him to work with one of Detroit’s legendary jazz artists, Marcus Belgrave, an artist who has mentored young jazz players for decades in the Motor City. Jon wrote music in his honor titled “Erudition: A Tribute to Marcus Belgrave” featuring Mike Banks, saxophonist De’Sean Jones and trumpeter, Kris Johnson. 

Dixon joins Ann Delisi to talk about his teachers and how he came to meet co-founder, Mike Banks, and tour the world with the Underground Resistance touring band, Timeline. Techno music would put Dixon’s keyboard talents to a new test and with Classical, Jazz and Techno as part of his repertoire, he created his own label and started sharing his knowledge of music with his own students. 

Click on the player above to hear Ann Delisi interview Jon Dixon about his career.

Ann Delisi, Host, Ann Delisi Essential Music

Ann Delisi will guide you through the “essential music,” both new and familiar, that’s shaping our culture and feature music made in Detroit every hour.

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