Science of Grief

Making space for young adults to share stories, science and solutions for those who are exploring their grief and mental health.

Hosted By: Natasha T. Miller

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Young adults are facing a mental health epidemic in the United States. “Science of Grief” addresses the problem head-on.

“Science of Grief” is a 10-episode podcast that makes space for young adults to share stories, science, and solutions for those who are experiencing grief and exploring their mental health for the first time.

Hosted by acclaimed poet and Science Gallery Detroit Community Engagement Manager Natasha T. Miller, and featuring a production team that includes six SGD Mediators between the ages of 18 and 24 as producers, “Science of Grief” will put the voices and stories of young adults front and center.

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The Science of Grief podcast is a collaboration between WDET and Science Gallery Detroit, and is supported by the Children’s Foundation of Michigan, MSUFCU, and Science Sandbox.


Host: Natasha T Miller
Executive Producer: David Leins
Producer: Antajuan Scott
Editor: David Weinberg
Digital Editor: Meta Stange
Original Illustrations: Hollyann Stewart
Mediators: Aaron Applebey
Caylinn Higgins
Hollyann Stewart
Shanmin Sultana
Patrick Vaughan

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