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General FAQ

What is WDET?

WDET is the non-commercial listener-supported public radio station licensed to Wayne State University in order to serve the Southeast Michigan region. Broadcasting from its on-campus location in Detroit, WDET maintains its own staff of news and music producers and produces its own local and regional programming. In addition, WDET is a member of the National Public Radio network and broadcasts NPR features.

What is the mission of WDET?

WDET’s mission is to provide an authentic voice for Detroit. We serve an engaged, diverse and curious audience through trusted news, inclusive conversations and cultural experiences that empower our community to move forward.

As a community nonprofit, what services does WDET provide to the community?

WDET provides programming free to the public and free of commercial interruption 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year on terrestrial broadcast and through a free live stream. WDET functions as an important regional journalism outlet, delivering news and information, and also as a cultural institution, serving as a significant voice for the arts and one of the few remaining providers of local music programming.

Does WDET receive public funding or support from the government or Wayne State University?

WDET receives support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) through an annual grant which accounts for 5% of the station’s annual revenue. Support from Wayne State University includes a direct financial subsidy in addition to indirect support in the form of facilities, human resources, and other administrative services. In total, this support represents approximately 20% of the station’s overall annual revenue. WDET receives no funding from the State of Michigan or the City of Detroit.  You can learn more about WDET’s funding mix here.

How much of WDET’s support comes from individual listeners like me?

Over 40% of annual expenses are met by the generous gifts from loyal WDET members. Individual listeners and donors are the most important ingredient in WDET’s success, independence, and impact. WDET’s second largest source of revenue comes in the form of underwriting from the business community, much of which comes from local companies and non-profit organizations. Together, these two critical sources of community support make up nearly 70% of WDET’s annual operating revenue!

What impact will my gift have at WDET?

Your gift enables journalists, hosts, engineers, and producers to plan and execute local news and music programming. Your gift also helps pay for national and international programming from NPR and other trusted sources. Most importantly, it ensures this programming is available and accessible 24 hours per day– on-air and online.

Can I designate my gift to a special program or project?

Gifts up to $9,999 go toward WDET’s annual operations and cannot be further designated. Gifts of $10,000 and up can be restricted at the donor’s request. If you wish to begin a conversation with a gifts officer about a possible restricted gift, please call WDET’s Associate Director of Philanthropy Carmen Garcia at 313-577-3342.

What is the relationship between donors, both corporate and individuals and the feature stories that WDET chooses to air?

By policy, WDET maintains a “firewall” that separates its underwriting and fund-raising functions from its journalism and programming functions. When news stories involving underwriters or donors do occur, an internal policy process is set in motion to guarantee that the news will be reported fairly and completely. WDET’s major support and partner relationships will always be disclosed when these are relevant to broadcast content.

How can I be sure that WDET will use my money effectively?

WDET follows the rigorous Wayne State University policies and procedures in its financial management and is supported in this process by University finance officers as well as community volunteers who contribute their expertise and advice to the station’s governance practices. In addition, independent auditors annually review the station’s operations and financials.

Is my donation to WDET tax deductible?

Yes. As provided by law, your gift may be deductible if you itemize your federal taxes. Please be sure to decline any thank-you gifts or services if you wish your entire gift to be eligible for such a deduction and look a mailed tax receipt two weeks after your gift is processed.

Can I pay my pledge in installments?

We are happy to set up installment payments, as well as to accept payments by credit card, or gifts of appreciated securities. Many donors join our Sustainer Program, setting up an automatic payment at convenient intervals. If you wish to begin a confidential conversation with a gifts officer about the most convenient way for you to handle a pledge to WDET, please call Tiffany Treadwell at 313-577-4226 or email

Does WDET accept planned gifts or bequests?

We encourage every member and listener to consider making a meaningful gift to WDET as part of estate planning. For most members, a bequest or planned gift can offer significant tax advantages as well as the satisfaction of helping WDET Public Radio to remain strong and independent into the future. You can also explore annuity gifts that will guarantee a set level of annual income to you and your spouse, no matter how the markets perform and no matter low long you both may live. If you wish to begin a confidential conversation with WDET’s Associate Director of Philanthropy Carmen Garcia about a possible bequest or planned gift please contact her at or 313-577-3342. Thank you.

Does WDET have a permanent endowment?

Yes! An established endowed fund named the WDET Enhancement Fund is managed by the Wayne State University Foundation. The purpose of the Enhancement Fund is to assist the radio station with operational costs including, but not limited to, the purchase of new equipment, the funding of educational programming and projects that advance the strategic development of the station contributing to the betterment of the Detroit metropolitan community and the world.

Who can I contact with questions or to explore making a gift to WDET?

Tiffany Treadwell, our Membership Manager, will welcome your inquiries, answer any questions you may have and help with your gift decision. Please send an email to or call 313-577-4226. Thank you.

What are the top future priorities that have emerged from WDET’s long range planning process to date?

In addition to the short-term goal of building sustainable annual income for the station, three over-arching goals are being explored for the future.

  • To build upon the current leadership role in local and regional news by expanding the journalism team to increase locally-produced news and information programming with higher citizen engagement.
  • To further enhance arts and cultural coverage by seeking new and innovative partnerships with local artists and cultural organizations and by supporting the small cultural nonprofits who contribute so much to our region.
  • To invest in digital infrastructure by expanding and enhancing the station’s digital and mobile services including more online music and more on-demand programming.

With your help, these new future initiatives can strengthen WDET’s community impact and provide greater service to its listeners.

Membership FAQ

I contributed during an on-air campaign and selected a premium, but haven’t received it yet?

Premiums are sent out soon after payment is received to cover the cost of the item and shipping. Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery. For Sustaining Members, this is typically 2-3 months.

Was my payment received?

Check payments are processed everyday (M-F). Gifts made online by credit card are processed immediately. Please check your bank or card provider statement. If you think there has been an error, or for any question – Please contact WDET Member Services at 313-577-4550 or

During the on-air pledge drive I gave my credit card number–why am I receiving a pledge reminder bill?

If WDET was unable to receive an authorization code when processing your contribution, you will not see a deduction. Please contact WDET Member Services at 313-577-4550 to update or confirm your card information.

I haven’t yet received a tax receipt for my contribution. When can I expect it?

Tax receipts for contributions made to WDET are processed at Wayne State University’s Fund Office and mailed in January. If you still haven’t received your tax receipt, or you need a tax receipt during the year, please contact WDET Member Services at 313-577-4550 or

How can I change my membership information?

You can change your information by contacting WDET Member Services at 313-577-4550 or

Sustaining Membership

How long does it take for my credit card charges to begin?

The first charge will go through as soon as you make your gift.

How can I increase my installment amount?

You can upgrade your Sustaining Membership financial commitment at any time by contacting WDET Member Services at 313-577-4550 or

Do I still qualify to receive a thank-you gift?

Yes! Each year on your anniversary date, you’re welcome to select one of the WDET thank you gifts according to your current giving level. Just contact WDET Member Services at 313-577-4550 or

What if I have questions about my credit card statement?

If you have any questions regarding your statement, call WDET Member Services at 313-577-4550 immediately. We will work with you to correct any problems and answer your questions.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes! You will receive a tax receipt from Wayne State University every January stating your total contributions from the previous year, less the fair market value of any thank you gifts you received during the calendar year.

How do I stop my automatic transfers if necessary?

To stop your Sustaining Membership, simply share your request with WDET Member Services at 313-577-4550 or


WDET’s mobile app is designed to be a one-stop shop for On Demand listening.

Download the app in AppStore or Google Play to stream your favorite podcasts, local programs and music shows.

WDET podcasts like The Beginning of the End and CuriousiD are also available in your favorite podcast apps.

If you prefer to listen with the direct RSS link, visit the show’s web page listed here.

The latest episode of our music programs are also made available in the WDET mobile app and on each show’s page listed here.

Web Help

Having trouble using our web site?

To start, make sure your browser and OS are up to date with the latest security updates, patches, and security settings. An out of date browser can and will prevent streaming media. Spyware, spam, trojans and viruses could prevent you from accessing our audio. Make sure you have the latest Media Codecs and updates for any player that you use. Be sure that you don’t have a firewall or other security software that’s blocking streaming. Some ISP’s, like Comcast or AT&T, are known for throttling bandwidth when it comes to streaming.

I click on the “Listen Live” button, but nothing happens.

  • The new live player runs in a pop-up window. If you have any form of Flashblock software installed or a pop-up blocker, make sure that you approve running of flash on our site and make an exception for allowing pop-ups. Also, be sure your browser is running in its most current, updated version.
  • If your memory or cache file folders are full, you may experience audio streaming errors. Try emptying your Temporary Internet cache folder, and any additional temporary files, such as the contents of the recycling bin. You might also try to restart or reboot your computer to free up more of the system memory.

If you’re still having trouble accessing our live stream player, email us

What ways can I stream on my mobile device?

    • WDET’s Online Player: Stream WDET through your internet browser using our online player. Launch »
    • WDET Mobile App: For the best listening experience on an iPhone or Android phone download our mobile app available on the AppStore (Apple) or Google Play (Android). If you are having issues with WDET’s mobile app, contact us at

Where can I find the direct links to your streams?

If you are streaming on a mobile device, please use the following link: WDET

For MP3 Streams, use the following link: WDET

The comments on a post won’t load.

Clear your browsing history and your cache to ensure that data or past log-in information is not kept in your browser files.

The audio sounds choppy, cuts out, and/or buffers frequently.

Buffering occurs when your computer is not receiving data fast enough; the buffering, or cutting out, occurs when the player tries to catch up. It may be caused by Internet congestion or insufficient bandwidth, possibly due to other bandwidth-intensive activities (ie. other streaming, numerous downloads). Closing some other windows and applications may help.

The Live player loads, but no audio is playing.

The stream may be temporarily offline. Please try again later.

You also may experience periodic outages in our stream as we comply with Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) policies and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

I’m having difficulties making an online pledge.

Contact our Membership Director, Tiffany Treadwell, directly at or 313.577.4550.

If you continue to experience difficulties with our website, send an email to Be sure to include the following information:

  • What type of computer are you using?

  • What browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer?) do you use to connect to the Internet? What version of the browser do you have?

  • What type of Internet Connection do you have (DSL, Cable, T1, 3G)?