Detroit Evening Report: Officials warn of continued flood risk for metro Detroit area

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A car drives through a puddle left after a downpour of rain in Detroit.

A car drives through a puddle left after a downpour of rain in Detroit.

The Great Lakes Water Authority is warning Detroiters to continue watching for possible flooding on Wednesday, as the remains of Tropical Storm Beryl have brought heavy rainfall to the city.

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Forecasters say they were expecting one to three inches of rain, with some localized areas possibly receiving four inches.  The GLWA is advising residents in low lying areas to continue checking their basements for flooding as the rain continues, and to make sure sump pumps are working properly.

The agency also says residents should not run their washing machines or dishwashers during heavy rains because that puts extra stress on the area’s sewage system.

“The regional system is working as designed and is in dry condition,” Navid Mehram, chief operating officer for GLWA’s Wastewater Operating Services, said in a statement on Tuesday. “However, the predicted rainfall may exceed the regional system’s capacity and lead to flooding.”

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch until 8 p.m. Wednesday for southeast Michigan. Rivers, creeks, streams and low-lying areas could see flooding.  Some Detroit streets and underpasses have experienced water ponding.

Hurricane Beryl hit the Gulf Coast earlier this week, leaving at least 10 people dead in the U.S. and millions of residents without power.

DTE Energy shows just minor scattered power outages across Detroit as of Wednesday afternoon.

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