The Metro: Wayne County Executive Warren Evans wants to end SMART bus opt-outs

Evans wants to end the ability to opt-out of SMART in order to create an effective and efficient regional transit option.

Photo of SMART public bus

A photo of a SMART bus.

Among the tri-county area in metro Detroit, Wayne County is the only one that allows its communities to opt out of SMART bus services — though that may change.  

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans is pushing legislators to amend state law that allows local municipalities to opt-out from SMART bus service. That could be significant because there are currently 16 Wayne County cities that do not have a property tax millage to support SMART services.  

Why is Evans pushing to expand SMART? How does he hope to accomplish his goal, and what might the consequences be if he succeeds?

Evans joined The Metro to answer these questions.

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The Wayne County Executive wants to end the ability to opt-out of SMART in order to create an effective and efficient regional transit option.

“We need to have regional transit opportunities for people and we don’t now when you have opt-out communities,” Evans said.

“And it allows us to create transportation options that we obviously couldn’t do if we had to avoid certain cities or going around certain cities or townships. I think it’s really hard to argue that you can make progress with regional transit while you have communities opting out — either we’re a region, which means a team, or we aren’t,” stated Evans.

While counties like Macomb and Oakland have opted in for the SMART bus services, many other communities are still resisting this regional transit system because they believe it will increase taxes.

“We in society spend a lot of money and do a lot of talk about workforce development and the importance of it…what we don’t take into consideration is the mobility of people to be able to get to that training,” Evans explained.

Evans is currently working towards getting the County Board of Commissioners to put this issue on the ballot to give voters the final say.

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