Detroit Youth Choir members talk Music Hall concert, NFL Draft experience and more

Detroit Youth Choir performs live at Music Hall in Detroit on Sunday.

The Metro co-host Tia Graham posing with members of the Detroit Youth Choir.

From left: Chauncey Bowers, Tia Graham, Toni Larkin and Anthony T. White.

The Detroit Youth Choir remains busy after their recent performance at the NFL Draft and their docuseries on Disney Plus. 

Anthony T. White, lead choir director for the Detroit Youth Choir, and his two graduating students, Toni Larkin and Chauncey Bowers, highlight the experiences they’ve had while being part of DYC.

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After placing second on the hit NBC reality series America’s Got Talent in 2019, the Detroit Youth Choir was the subject of a six-episode docuseries called Choir streaming on Disney+. Choir chronicles the group’s experience leading up to their performance at the historic Carnegie Hall in New York.

Their journey continues on Sunday at the Music Hall in Detroit, which White defines as not only a performance, but a call-to-action rally.

“You can be anybody and be a part of the Detroit Youth Choir,” White told The Metro co-host Tia Graham. “We’re the underdog, out to prove what we can do.”

White and his students also had the opportunity to perform in Nairobi, Kenya — where the students were able to experience another culture. Larkin describes her experience performing in Kenya. 

“It was an eye opener. It really showed us what the world really is,” Larkin said. “Because when you stay in just your city, you really don’t understand how big the world is. And people caught your eye. It was really beautiful. We stayed out there for about a week, and we performed at least seven times.”

With the many accomplishments made by the Detroit Youth Choir, they are not only talented performers, but also demonstrate a 100% graduation rate. DYC sends their young students off with scholarships so they can continue their path to success. 

White encourages the community to support the Detroit Youth Choir by attending their performance at Music Hall on Sunday and invest in the future of the youth. 

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