Created Equal: How to achieve work-life balance as a mom after social media, COVID

Wayne State Professor Dr. Katheryn Maguire joined the show to discuss how challenging events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have affected mothers’ mental health.

What does motherhood look like in 2024?

In anticipation of Mother’s Day this Sunday, Dr. Katheryn Maguire, a professor of communications at Wayne State University, joined Stephen Henderson on Created Equal to discuss how challenging events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have affected how mothers balance work and life. She and Stephen also spoke about how difficult it has become to maintain strong family relationships across great distances, and the effects of social media on parenting.

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Dr. Katheryn Maguire is a Wayne State University professor who researches work-life balance, long distance relationships and online communication. She is currently analyzing data about how COVID-19 impacted how dual income couples distribute work in the house. 

“And even though we’re in the middle of analysis, you know, it was difficult for parents in particular, particularly those who have neurodivergent kids as well. So, when the schools shut down, their kids, they had to help with education. But then you have that overlay of those who had IEPs, and those who had no plans, and the parent had to somehow figure that out as well. So it was a significant challenge, to say the least,” Maguire said.

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