Detroit Evening Report: Construction begins on affordable housing project near Boston-Edison

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The 100-year-old building, located at 100 Clairmount Ave. in Detroit, has sat vacant for more than 20 years.

The 100-year-old building, located at 100 Clairmount Ave. in Detroit, has sat vacant for more than 20 years.

Construction has begun on a $9 million multi-family affordable housing project just south of Detroit’s Boston-Edison neighborhood on Clairmount and Woodward.

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Urbanize Detroit reports the city announced this week that the 42-unit apartment building — dubbed “The Claire” — will have three studios, 32 one-bedroom, four two-bedroom, and three three-bedroom apartments, with half of them listed as affordable.

When renovated, the report said, the building will have a National Green Building Standard Silver certification, with 6 EV charging stations onsite. Other amenities will include parking, a fitness center, modern design, and art from local Detroit artists Matt Corbin and Yvette Cole.

The 100-year-old building, originally called “The Clairwood,” has sat vacant for more than 20 years, David Alade, CEO and co-founder of Century Partners — the project developer — told Urbanize Detroit.

Century Partners is a locally-based, Black-owned development firm that has rehabilitated over 200 units of housing, and they currently own or manage a portfolio of 200 residential rental units in Detroit.

The project was funded using low-income housing tax credits from the federal government as well as several other sources from the city and state, such as the Detroit Housing for the Future Fund and the state’s Missing Middle Housing program.

Under the agreement, affordability of the apartments is guaranteed for the next 11 years.

Construction on The Claire is expected to take about a year, with new tenants being able to move in summer of 2025.

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