The Metro: New leader of Midtown Detroit, Inc. aims to build inclusive community

Maureen Stapleton, interim executive director of Midtown Detroit, Inc., joined the show to discuss the nonprofit’s planning goals in the coming years.

An aerial view of Midtown Detroit.

An aerial view of Midtown Detroit.

Midtown Detroit, Inc. recently announced a new interim executive director. The nonprofit has worked to maintain community and economic development in Detroit’s Midtown area since 1980. 

Interim Executive Director Maureen Stapleton joined The Metro on Thursday to discuss Midtown Detroit Inc.’s planning goals in the coming years.

She says the nonprofit unites and advocates for the needs of six different neighborhoods in the heart of Detroit. 

“[Midtown] is the base from which all of the placemaking has happened in the city. If we didn’t have Midtown, we wouldn’t have Eastern Market, Corktown, Live 6, the Avenue of Fashion,” Stapleton said. “And so it’s important to ensure that this next generation of planning and inclusion of all people in this area continues.”

Being a native Detroiter and Black woman, Stapleton says her goals include creating inclusive places for all people that call the area home. Part of this is also sharing the stories of people who have done the work to make the community grow.

“Midtown has been a place where African Americans, women and other ethnicities have come and are thriving here in this community,” she said. “So part of it’s telling the story differently. But also part of it is bringing the next generation of young business owners to plant roots here, get support here and stay here so that we can all enjoy whatever that they bring to our community.”

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