The Metro: Annual Detroit Youth Poetry Con returns March 9

The annual event, organized by InsideOut Literary Arts, incorporates many different creative professions to illustrate different career possibilities for students.

InsideOut Literary Arts will bring local poets and writers together for the annual event celebrating the spoken word.

InsideOut Literary Arts will bring local poets and writers together for the annual event celebrating the spoken word.

InsideOut Literary Arts has transformed Detroiters through written and spoken word poetry since 1995. On March 9, the organization is bringing many poets and writers together for the annual Detroit Youth Poetry Con

Suma Karaman Rosen joined The Metro on Monday to talk about the upcoming event. InsideOut serves thousands of kids every year, teaching students how to communicate and express themselves through poetry. These skills can then be transferred into many parts of students’ lives. 

“I think the biggest thing is that they come away feeling like they’re part of something bigger, that they belong, and that there’s community and that they’re part of making that happen,” she said.

At the event, students can participate in creative writing and poetry workshops, Rosen said. Writer Ross Gay, Michigan Poet Laureate Nandi Comer and youth poets will also perform the evening of March 9. 

Rosen says they’ve tried to include many different creative professions in the event, showing students different career possibilities. 

“So creativity shows up all over the place. I think once we help young people connect with their own creativity, they can take it anywhere they want to go,” she said.

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