The New Music Show: Hear Billy Paul, Bassline, Double Vision and more

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Shigeto posing in front of the WDET tower

Shigeto posing in front of the WDET tower.

This week on The New Music Show, we feature early 2000s ghetto-tech, U.K. break beat, ‘80s classics and the most current and unreleased music coming out of Detroit, including artists such as Cousin Mouth and funk label Papaya Records.

The New Music Show Playlist for Feb. 17, 2024

  • Starski & Clutch – “Belle Isle Players”
  • Billy Paul – “Let the Dollar Circulate”
  • KESSWA – “Chasing Delirium” (feat. Novazaii)
  • Zelooperz, Gulley – “UNTITLED”
  • Ryuchi Sakamoto / Hidefumi Toki – “キスカ”
  • Bassline – “Back To Bass-Ics” (feat. Lorraine Chambers)
  • JRGotTheHiTS – “Volley & Serve”
  • Stefan Ringer – “Fri Sat Nite”
  • Savage Hymn – “Animals V2”
  • Paranoid London – “Nobody Watching” (feat. Mutado Pintado)
  • Lamont Johnson – “Burnin, Pt. 3” (feat. Lenni May)
  • Accura – “Feelin’ Jazzy”
  • Yasushi Ide – “The Battle Pt.1” (feat. Emilie Chick)
  • FIT Siegel – “First Found”
  • Luke Vibert – “Bass Kick”
  • Cousin Mouth – “Becoming Water”
  • 2Lanes, Jonah Baseball & Overtone Series – “Standing Waves”
  • Yasushi Ide – “Sumimasen Suite Pt.2” (feat. Emily Capell & Rebel Dread)
  • Double Vision – “Clock on the Wall”
  • Shawn Pittman – “I’m Losing Control (2022 Remastered)”
  • Beau Wanzer – “Do the Spider Shimmy”
  • 2AM/FM – “Sensational Rhythm”

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  • Shigeto
    Shigeto is a Hamtramck-based drummer, electronic music producer, DJ and host of The New Music Show.