City of Detroit to launch residential parking zones in Midtown, Brush Park next month

The zones will be implemented in four downtown neighborhoods, with 23 curbsides set to receive the designation in total.

The City of Detroit will be rolling out new residential street parking zones in Brush Park and Midtown beginning next month in an effort to improve parking access for residents in busier neighborhoods.

Those living in impacted areas will be required to purchase a parking pass from the city. It will cost $60 annually, with an additional $35 fee the first time an individual enrolls.

The permits will be virtual and will allow tenants to manage passes for caregivers and guests. Each resident can receive up to 30 guest passes per year at a rate of $1 each.

Listen: How Detroit’s new residential street parking will work

Keith Hutchings, director of Detroit’s Municipal Parking Department, says the parking zones will range from a partial block to a full block in length.

“They’re really very surgically designed for each specific neighborhood,” he said. “Each zone is slightly different.”

The changes will be laid out in the areas of Cass Park and Selden as of Jan. 2. Enforcement in southern Brush Park will begin Jan. 16, while central Brush Park starts in February. By the end of February, there will be 23 designated areas in total.

Hutchings says the city will be using the same signage that’s been in use for the past decade to help those parking on city streets identify the new residential parking zones.

“You will see that same type of zone signage — along with some directional signage that alerts you that if you don’t have a permit, either you can or you can’t park there,” he said.

Hutchings says most of the zones will still allow for non-residential parking during the day. Those trying to park will know when resident-only hours go into effect, as the city’s parking system will not accept payment for hours that aren’t permitted.

As a result of the changes, the City of Detroit says it also plans to start enforcing parking violations on Sundays. While street parking will remain free on that day, infractions like parking in front of a fire hydrant or bus stop will be ticketed.

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