CultureShift: ‘Pomegranate’ is the first Iraqi-American narrative film of its kind

“Pomegranate” is a feature-length film starring Chaldean and Arab-American actors, and tells the story of living in America while trying to keep hold of traditions.

Weam Namou reviews footage during the making of the film "Pomegranate"

Weam Namou during the making of "Pomegranate."

Weam Namou is the Executive Director of the Chaldean Cultural Center, which houses the first and only Chaldean Museum in the world. She’s an Eric Hoffer Award-winning author of 15 books.

Recently, Namou produced and directed the independent film “Pomegranate,” which follows the family dynamics within Middle Eastern culture, with a focus on religion, faith and being a woman trying to figure out life in America. “Pomegranate” will be the first Iraqi-American narrative film led by a creative team from the community being portrayed, specifically a female writer/director and female leading cast. The independent film has already won several awards, including Best Feature Film Directed by a Woman at the New York International Women Festival.

Namou joined CultureShift to discuss the film and life as a woman living through religious and cultural traditions.

Listen: “Pomegranate” is the first Iraqi-American narrative film of its kind

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