CultureShift: Who is the best rapper to come out of Detroit?

Axios Detroit recently ran a poll to determine Detroit’s greatest rapper, and people had opinions.

Collage of Big Sean, Danny Brown, Eminem, Tee Grizzley and Skilla Baby.

Big Sean, Danny Brown, Eminem and Tee Grizzley all topped Axios' poll, but Sam Robinson argues that Skilla Baby would've placed higher if more young people had voted.

Axios Detroit recently released a poll asking people who they think is the greatest rapper from Detroit. Big Sean and Danny Brown were up there and Tee Grizzley gave some of the giants a run for their money, but Eminem won.

Axios’ Sam Robinson, however, argues that Eminem never should have been part of the poll in the first place.

He joined CultureShift to discuss generational differences in rap, who he thinks should have won and why he doesn’t consider Eminem to be a true Detroit rapper.

Listen: Who is the best rapper to come out of Detroit?

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